Somebody Has To Fight For What Is Right

I ran into constant roadblocks when I began my journey looking for properties to provide housing for homeless Veterans.  The issues I faced were the catalyst to me getting my real estate license, instead of contracting with a third party to represent me. I realized the full value of having my real estate license this week and exercised my ability to go effectively fight for what I believe in. 

At some point in the not too distant past I came to realize that none of the people I was working with believed in my mission, providing housing for Veterans, as much as I do. I realized that no one was going to fight for this as hard as I would; with the exception of my husband.  We sat by and watched as property after property we wanted went to other buyers.  We had deals fall through left and right due to technicalities that could have been avoided.  I was ill advised on the proper routes to take to successfully accomplish my mission.  In my experience, my agents operated in their best interest, instead of representing mine. 

We have been fighting for years, trying to negotiate business through a third party with sellers who do not follow the rules, only to realize after the fact that no one was really fighting for us at all.  We are finally in contract for a property for our Veterans that we refuse to lose, and the transaction has been going poorly at best.

I know with certainty that this was the week that this property would have been lost if I wasn’t representing myself.  But the great news is that I am.

My dad taught me a lot as a child, but there are a few lessons that stand out.  The first thing he taught my brother and me was that you never start a fight, but if someone else does you finish it.  As a kid I took that to mean; don’t punch your brother or he’ll knock you out.  I now realize, his advice applies to grown-ups too.  When you travel through central Reno and see one disgusting, disastrous property after the next, there’s a reason; were letting it happen.  I refuse to stand idle as one more property that could be put to good use exchanges hands into the ownership of another uninterested landlord; taking money out of our community and leaving trashy properties in their wake.  

Secondly, he taught me; if you can’t step around someone, you step over them.  This one used to seem a little harsh to me, but it now makes sense.  As soon as we turned up the heat on the sellers of this property to comply with simple contractual obligations, they started side stepping, making excuses, and shirking responsibility; taking on an “if we ignore them maybe they’ll go away” attitude.  This is where the transaction would have collapsed, but that’s not how we do business.   Having a direct line of contact with the sellers agent became a vital part of this transaction being executed successfully and if I weren’t representing myself I may not have had that option.

This situation takes a real estate professional into scary territory, opening them up to a lot of liability and risk.  I can understand why other professionals without a vested interest in my mission shied away from the fight, but I can say with certainty that I will not.  I have come to realize there are many people who don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to real estate transactions, and as such they are often misguided, given poor advice, and taken advantage of.  I am happy to be able to share my passion for real estate and the impact it has on people’s and the community’s lives with my clients. 

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